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NeuroPraxis is a digital app made up of interactive Neurosculpting® modules that shift brain neuroplasticity and support wellbeing.

NeuroPraxis is a series of 5-15 minute modules – like meditations - that invoke wellness, calm, and balance.

It is for anyone struggling with symptoms associated with Biotoxicity, chronic pain, cognitive imbalance, PTSD, and stress.

Our application is designed for daily use to optimize results. We cover re-programming topics that connect to the physical body, emotional body, mental acuity and more.

Every NeuroPraxis module has been designed by Neurosculpting® founder Lisa Wimberger to support you during times of active or acute symptomology and stress, as well as for prevention and maintenance.

Categories include:

  • Energy + Anxiety + Experience

    Modules designed to shift mental and emotional experiences and patterns.

  • Brain + Body + Bones

    Modules designed to reset and reframe physical pain patterns.

  • Immunity + Cellular Health

    Modules designed to boost and balance the micro landscape.

  • Balance + Equilibrium + Belief

    Modules designed for physical and emotional strength and stability.

  • The Feel Goods

    Short modules designed to reset and boost.

Subscription Model

Your daily dose of NeuroPraxis for about $.25 a day / $99.99 per year or billed monthly at $9.99/month.


billed monthly

Here's how it works:

The framework is comprised of three sections.

In It

is designed to support you during times of active or acute symptomology.

Beyond It

is designed to support you during times of prevention and maintenance.


is where we store your favorites, set your daily calendar reminders, and log your notes, memories, and details.

Each section contains five libraries with modules - like a meditation - to support specific reprogramming topics.

Every module starts with a somewhat whimsical brain preparation. These imaginative directions help engage your prefrontal cortex while also stimulating a bilateral engagement between the left and right hemispheres.

Treat these modules as a meditation to be done in a quiet space or feel free to practice while taking a walk-in nature, riding your bike, however you can best integrate in your daily life.

All you do is simply select a module, press play, relax and listen.

Have a wonderful and wild healing adventure!

Try it out

Below you will find one of our favorite NeuroPraxis Modules - RELEASE - as both a sample and resource for anyone who needs it in these trying times.

In It • The Feel Goods