Our Story

NEUROPRAXIS has been created for you by three overactive makers, Erick, Jody and Lisa, who believe in helping people optimize their wellness. Originally, we set out creating a digital platform to support people suffering from BIOTOXICITY: symptoms associated with LYME Disease, Mold Disease (otherwise known as CIRS- Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), symptoms associated with viruses, parasites, and other types of environmental imbalances. We designed NeuroPraxis for a small sliver of the human population who were suffering from complex and unexplained symptoms.

But here we are, March 2020, and as we launch this powerful tool to the world, we find ourselves immersed in a global pandemic where all people and our planet are suffering from Biotoxicity. Now, more than ever, it is critical to re-pattern the trauma and suffering of our nervous system – in other words, to tune our brains.

NeuroPraxis is a digital app made up of interactive Neurosculpting® modules that shift brain neuroplasticity and support wellbeing. Each module has been designed by Neurosculpting® founder Lisa Wimberger to support our community during times of active or acute symptomology and stress, as well as for prevention and maintenance.  NeuroPraxis is a series of meditation modules that invoke wellness, calm, and balance. It is for anyone and everyone struggling with PTSD, chronic pain, cognitive imbalance, and stress.

We are proud to share this powerful work with all of you.

It is with our whole hearts that we introduce NeuroPraxis. This is a true labor of love. Thank you all for your support. We wish everyone the ultimate wellness!

– Erick, Jody and Lisa


A bit more about how NeuroPraxis came to be …


This is a tale of three curious seekers determined to live healthy, happy lives and share their findings with everyone looking to feel at ease. Our personal wellness journeys below.


My name is Jody Levy, I am a maker, entrepreneur, executive, and an artist. I have quietly been suffering from symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, Mold Disease (CIRS) and a slew of co-infections and related imbalances for over 20 years. Now I am fully recovered – living my best life. I feel strong, healthy, pain–free, and proud of my discoveries.

Sharing this story is very hard for me. I have a lot of friends, family, business partners, investors who never knew about the sickness I was contending with. I always knew I could not expose this struggle until I was able to share the solutions that helped me get better. So, in my unwavering belief that my journey was bigger than myself, I am now committed to creating simple and easy products that people can use to relieve their suffering and thrive.

My story is long and I’ll spare the details. This is what’s relevant … For years, I was committed to understanding why I was always exhausted, in pain, puffy, blurry, and foggy. No-one could figure out what was wrong with me. But I was relentlessly determined to understand why I did not feel good. I set out on a painful and tedious journey to find solutions to help me, and others, feel happy and healthy. I always knew that if I stayed the course, I would find the tools that would help me and ultimately many other people.

I spun a web of the most exceptional doctors, scientists, researchers, practitioners, and healers who all played their part in my epic recovery. I tried so many treatments. I mapped my genetics and my entire body. With the help of my closest people, I CEO’ed my own medical adventure intent to discover what was at the core. Everyone banded together to help me learn, test, experiment, and solve. I was meticulous about how I recorded my treatments. Protocol by protocol, I tracked and cross-referenced my short-term and long-term results. I tried things that nearly killed me and when they didn’t work, I would get right back up and try again. Because I knew – intuitively – that I was going to discover things that would help me and others like me return to vibrant health.

During this process I was optimistic, but I was also skeptical of everything. After years of treatments, I questioned if I would ever arrive at an answer. A large part of me did not expect things to work, but I couldn’t give up. Fueled by my curiosity to learn, more than the belief that I would get better, I continued on and on and on. And I succeeded! I healed myself of Lyme Disease and mold exposure. I got rid of co-infections and the agonizing symptoms of viruses and parasites. My mental commitment, psychological anguish, and massive financial investments paid off. I got myself better. My test results came back clean. My brain cleared, my vision got crisp and my mood balanced.

But … despite the clear tests, I had pain in my back and in my joints. I thought it was yet another wave, another chapter of survival. I was prepared for whatever would come, however long it would take to solve. But It didn’t take a long drawn-out medical process. I quickly learned about the science of Neurological pain patterns and how trauma in the body can present even after the source is gone – which is why I was experiencing pain in my body. I learned about Neuroplasticity – our ability to shift our trauma patterns and how they symptomatically present. I learned about phantom pain. I was introduced to Lisa Wimberger, now my dear friend and partner here in Neuropraxis, and the founder of a Neurological Reprogramming process called Neurosculpting®.

As always, I was skeptical. But I dove in with Lisa and in a few short sessions, I got more relief than I had had in years. I realized the more I practiced the stronger I felt and the longer the pain subsided. After a few sessions, and an adaptation of my daily NeuroPraxis, my pain disappeared. I immediately knew that we had to create a tool for all the people like me who were suffering. Hence, NeuroPraxis was born.

We live in a world where most health imbalances have a store shelf of solutions and supplements. But for Biotoxicity, chronic pain and illness, immune imbalances, and unexplained symptoms, there is so little. Think of this as one of the tools on the shelf for all the people dealing with Biotoxicity. NeuroPraxis is the first product available designed to help people, like me, who are desperate for relief and sometimes need a tune up. Following the launch of NeuroPraxis, is the coming launch of a lifestyle cleanse called The Milk Cleanse that will be available at www.themilkcleanse.com in the coming months.


My name is Lisa Wimberger. I am a wife, mother, author, businesswoman, healer, musician, dancer, and one of the more relentless people I know. I hold dearly to the belief that all things can heal. This belief is my guiding force. I am the inventor of Neurosculpting® and the founder of The Neurosculpting® Institute.

Years ago, and for much of my life, I suffered from a debilitating seizure disorder resulting in tonic grand mal seizures. This resulting in flat lining, ER visits, and utter hopelessness. I was not epileptic and doctors had no effective course of action. I had a chronic nerve pattern response for which there was no medication.

Taking my healing into my own hands led me to study neuroscience. A world of healing and opportunity opened to me as I learned about my central nervous system and its capacity to repattern through neuroplasticity. At the height of my seizures, I truly thought I would not live long enough to see my daughter grow up.

I dedicated myself to my own healing. In 2007 I created a protocol, that I named Neurosculpting®, that completely stopped my seizures. At that moment, I knew it was my mission to share these Neurosculpting® practices with those suffering from illness, disease, and emotional and traumatic distress. It became my life’s purpose.

I have not stopped, not rested, nor taken breaks in my journey to help people get well. My private practice is full of the most complex cases of PTSD, chronic pain, cognitive imbalance, and biotoxicity where clients come to me feeling like they’ve tried everything and hope is out of reach. But we efficiently shift that vantage point, reprogram, re-pattern and I am proud to say I help people thrive.

When I started working with Jody I knew these practices could support her. She was an astounding example of the healing that happens when one is willing to do the work. She and I shared the same vision: to get this practice out to the world … to all of you.

My motivation to do this comes from my heart, my history, and the promise I made to whatever higher force you may believe in. The promise was this: since I was given a second chance to live a full and healthy life, I’d never take that for granted. I would be in service for the rest of my life to bringing these tools to those who would benefit from them.

And as we find ourselves in a global unity where biotoxic exposure causes all of us direct and indirect suffering, supporting all of you is now my mission.


My name is Erick Carlson. I am a husband, father, artist, inventor, designer, technologist.

My driving force has always been at the intersection of art and technology, fascinated by the links between the digital and analog worlds. My passion is creating products that solve problems, enhance lives, and communicate complex stories.

My professional passion has been crafting tangible products, experiences, and memories for audiences around the world. I love designing and building things that enhance people’s lives. My mediums include code, content, motion, sound, pixels, patterns and more. Creating happenings that invoke memory. Building things that challenge our innate ability for us to thrive.

This is what led me to NeuroPraxis. My passion for constantly improving our human experience, my fascination with biohacking, my curiosity around how we can hack, tweak, and enhance our innate human experience. I am particularly interested in the ability to do so without traditional medical intervention. Using the power to change and evolve with movement, sound, frequency, ingredients from nature, and things like neuroscience!

NeuroPraxis falls at the powerful intersection of using digital tools to enhance our physical lifes. I am thrilled to bring my superpowers to create a platform that can make so much positive change in our shared world.