Jody Levy Joins Lisa Wimberger’s “Unlock Hope” Podcast In this engaging conversation, NeuroPraxis co-founders Lisa Wimberger and Jody Levy discuss the transformative role hope plays in their lives, including the ways in which NeuroSculpting has shifted their perspectives and changed their lives. Tap here to listen in, be inspired, and to hear about our future […]

NeuroPraxis Co-Founder Jody Levy on “The Purist” Online NeuroPraxis co-founder Jody Levy on “Purist” highlighting how Neurosculpting helped to eliminate PTSD triggers that were creating phantom pain due to biotoxic illnesses. Jody’s experience led to helping everyone find relief with NeuroPraxis. Click this link to read the full story!

Co-Founder Jody Levy Highlighted by Kroma for Their “Women Who Inspire Us” Series

Samantha Williams and Ellen Wong Interview NeuroPraxis Co-Founder Jody Levy on the Woo Knew Podcast “Neurosculpting, which is this trademark modality that Lisa (Wimberger) created, actually gets into the midbrain and repatterns the loops.” – Jody Levy Click here to listen to the entire podcast and to learn more about the magic of NeuroPraxis!

Woo Knew Podcast on Repatterning Your Brain with Samantha Williams and Ellen Wong, alongside Co-Founder Lisa Wimberger Learn how Lisa Wimberger’s life-threatening seizures led her to deep dive into the world of neuroscience education.  Over time,  Lisa developed Neurosculpting®, a form of meditation that targets unknown triggers and repatterns the brain, which is the primary […]

Alysia Pope and NeuroPraxis Co-Founder Jody Levy on The Purely Podcast Listen in as co-founder Jody Levy shares insight behind the creation of NeuroPraxis and the science behind NeuroSculpting® alongside The Purely Podcast host, Alysia Pope. Join in on the exciting conversation here!

Jodelle Fitzwater & NeuroPraxis Co-Founder Jody Levy Connect on “Get Fit with Jodelle” Podcast Co-Founder Jody Levy caught up with Jodelle Fitzwater of “Get Fit with Jodelle” podcast to discuss honing intuition, being intentional with time, and re-patterning lambic loops with NeuroPraxis. Listen in on this engaging conversation here!

Co-Founder Jody Levy on Claim It Podcast with Tricia Huffman Listen in as Jody discusses becoming the CEO of your own health and how to bring your body and brain into balance with the power of NeuroPraxis. Click here to access this exciting interview!

Co-Founder Lisa Wimberger on Roxanne Saffaie’s BlackBelt Beauty Podcast Learn how neuroplasticity works, why it’s so important for our path to self-optimization, what fuels the juiciness of passion, how desperation can be a wild motivator to healing, and more! Listen in on all the goodness here!

Co-Founder Jody Levy on The Stuart Watkins Podcast “(NeuroPraxis) essentially opens the prefrontal cortex, connects the left and right brain hemispheres, and allows the person being guided to repattern the stress or trauma pattern.” – Jody Levy on The Stuart Watkins Podcast Listen in on this exciting interview here!

Co-Founder Lisa Wimberger on Bulletproof Radio Podcast Learn how Neuropraxis can help an individual release the grip of old patterns and re-train your brain to create new, more supportive pathways, habits, and behaviors. Click here to listen to the entire engaging podcast!

Co-Founder Lisa Wimberger on Close Up Radio with Doug Lleweln Listen in to hear Lisa and Doug Lleweln discuss the creation of NeuroSculpting, how to handle an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, and what makes NeuroPraxis different from everyday meditations. Click here to hear Lisa’s full interview.

Co-Founder Lisa Wimberger on Muscle Intelligence Podcast NeuroPraxis co-founder Lisa Wimberger and Muscle Intelligence’s Ben Pakulski talk through finding healthy ways to navigate the great unknown of emotional and mental confusion and stress. Click here to learn more about this mind-body connection and to learn Lisa’s daily practice for positive vibrations.

Listen and Free Your Mind with NeuroPraxis Live on ABRACADABRA TV Recorded live on ABRACADABRA TV, our co-founder Lisa Wimberger shares in-depth information on neuroplasticity and walks the listener through sample modules so that you can experience the power of NeuroPraxis first-hand.

Mind-Body Balancing with NeuroPraxis Meditations  NeuroPraxis has been created out of the belief in helping people optimize their own wellness. We set out creating a digital platform to support people suffering from BIOTOXICITY: symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, Mold Disease (otherwise known as CIRS- Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), symptoms associated with viruses, parasites, and other […]

Co-Founder Jody Levy on BetterHealthGuy Podcast “(NeuroPraxis) very efficiently opens the prefrontal cortex, connects the left and right brain hemispheres, and enters into the midbrain to help an individual get out of that trauma pattern or stress response.” – Jody Levy Listen to Jody’s complete interview here!

10 Things to Know About NeuroPraxis, as Featured on WANA “The journey of healing is all about balancing the internal and external landscape. The moment I realized that, I took all the pressure off myself to try to be a certain way or meet an expectation of myself that was a mental construct. I started […]

What is NeuroSculpting®? In simple terms, NeuroSculpting® is a 5-step meditation process that can strategically help an individual release the grip of old patterns and entrain their brain to creating new and more supportive patterns, habits, and behaviors.   In more specific terms, NeuroSculpting® was developed as a method to support self-directed neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability […]

Why Psychological Strength is Imperative for Front Line Workers “We’re asking healthcare workers to support us no matter what the cost to them, no matter what the inconvenience, no matter the uncertainty, no matter what the price.” Listen to the full podcast episode from Peak Mind Psychology here: https://www.peakmindpsychology.com/blog/0169 This episode was created for and is […]

Co-Founder Lisa Wimberger on Bee the Wellness Podcast Learn how we’ve re-engineered meditation to shift neuroplasticity to give you a brighter future. Listen to the full podcast by clicking here!

Co-Founder Lisa Wimberger on Practice You Podcast with Elena Brower In this raw interview, NeuroPraxis co-founder Lisa Wimberger shares background on her personal experience, which led to developing Neurosculpting, the steps of the Neurosculpting process, and what to do after you have a fight with someone you love. Listen to the full podcast by clicking […]

Daily Crunch Podcast with Jody Levy on Retraining Your Brain “After a chronic illness, a lot of people will still have aches, pains, and emotional distress, to name a few, because the neurological system still has the memory, or pattern, of it. NeuroPraxis is effective in reducing our experience of pain because it’s focus is […]

Experiencing Neurosculpting for the First Time A participant’s first experience with a Neuroscuplting practice at 1440 Multiversity.  This post includes hands-on tips and tricks that you can try at home to connect to your vegus nerve, calm your primitive brain, and stimulate your prefrontal cortex! Full post found here: https://mashable.com/feature/neurosculpting-mindfulness/ “…Wimberger was nothing like the […]

How to Improve Your Sleep with NeuroPraxis One hour of NeuroPraxis a day can have positive effects on stress and anxiety so you can rest well. This study demonstrated that 11 weeks of a one-hour long Neurosculpting® meditation session can improve sleep in college-aged students. Additionally, Neurosculpting® meditation has a temporary effect on resting heart […]

Rewire Your Brain with NeuroPraxis Improve your brain and life. NeuroPraxis modules help shift brain neuroplasticity and support wellbeing. Neuroscience has proven that our brains are constantly changing in response to incoming stimuli from birth to death. In every moment of your life, everything of which you are aware – sounds, sights, thoughts, feelings – and even that of […]

Restoring Harmony in Your Brain with NeuroPraxis  Did you know you can retrain your brain & restore harmony and balance to your nervous system with mindfulness-based techniques? Use NeuroPraxis Neurosculpting techniques to help improve your resilience to high-pressure situations and alleviate stress. So what exactly is Neurosculpting? In essence, it is the fusion of Science and […]