Why Psychological Strength is Imperative for Front Line Workers

“We’re asking healthcare workers to support us no matter what the cost to them, no matter what the inconvenience, no matter the uncertainty, no matter what the price.”

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This episode was created for and is dedicated to our front-line healthcare workers.  

The responsibility you are being asked to shoulder amidst a time of incredible uncertainty and rapid change is overwhelming. We see you. We see the sacrifice you’re making. We can attempt to empathize with the emotional toll this must all be taking.  

When you play such an important role supporting others, it’s important that others support you. We support you. 

This week, I’m speaking with Lisa Wimberger, the founder of the Neuroscultping Institute. Lisa created neurosculpting using a combination of meditation and brain science to develop a hands-on technique that can reset and retrain your brain and your nervous system to down-regulate during times of stress. 

She originally created neurosculpting in 2007 to help first-responders cope with the incredible intensity of their jobs. Too many first-responders suffer emotional trauma and PTSD from simply doing their jobs, and the neurosculpting technique can help guard against that. 

You can see why I asked Lisa to join me for this special episode of Building Psychological Strength. I wanted to give our front-line medical professionals tools they can use to remain balanced during a time of excruciating pressure.  

During our conversation, we: 

  • Acknowledge the different situations healthcare workers are in and how stressful they all are, regardless of whether the “surge” has hit your area or not, 
  • We talk about what we can do as community members to support healthcare workers 
  • Lisa covers the role our nervous system is playing in this situation, including the way it is supposed to work, and the way it does work in a period of sustained stress. 
  • What healthcare workers can be doing to help down-regulate their nervous system during this time.  
  • Known ways you can tune your vagus nerve. 
  • The 3 keys to successful neuroplasticity 

This episode is packed with resources for everyone, but in particular, for front-line healthcare workers.  

Listen to the full podcast by clicking here.